Below are the volunteer positions we need filled.

Expo Packet Pick Up/Pre-race Dinner (20)
July 19, 2019

This is the first stop for runners as they prepare to run our new Wolverine Canyon Run as they pick up their race packet and prepare for the race. Duties include organizing/handing out shirts, preparing goodie bags, assisting runners with finding their bib number, greeting participants with smiles and answering questions/providing race information.
We will also need help preparing and serving dinners to our runners!

Gear Check (5)
July 20, 2019 — 5:30am — 12:30pm

Duties include labeling and organizing runner’s belongings when they drop off, and retrieving them in a timely manner at the end of the race.

Aid Station (72)
July 20, 2019 — 6:00am — 12:00pm

Great role for Groups! This key role is not just about providing hydration support — but moral support and excitement! As runners travel the course, they may get fatigued; but with your smiling face and cheering attitude, you will revive them! Duties include setting up the station, filling and stacking cups with water and Gatorade, restocking cups throughout the course of the morning, handing beverages to runners as they come by, and finally cleaning up the area when the last runner passes.

Course Mashal (10)
July 20, 2019 — 6:00am — 12:00pm

Directing runners and keeping them safe along the route are key. Duties include a proper understanding of the course, being able to stop pedestrian and/or traffic while runners cross. Standing for long periods of time is required.

Post-Race Area (20-25)
July 20, 2019 — 7:00am — 12:00pm

Be the first to greet the runners when they finish their journey at Jensens Grove as they cross the finish line. We need your help in the following areas:
Medals: Reward the runners by giving them their hard earned medal. Duties include unwrapping medals and organizing on tables
Bottled Water distribution: Hand weary runners cold bottles of water. Duties include, opening cases and stocking pools
Food Distribution: Make sure there are plenty of bananas, bagels, apples, etc. at easy reach for the runners. Duties include restocking tables.
Crowd Control: The runners are happy to be done. Some are waiting for their friends/family to cross. But we need to make sure everyone can get through so we don’t have a back-up of runners waiting to cross the finish line. Duties include keeping runners moving efficiently through the chute, directing runners to the post-race area where they can wait for loved ones, get their Finishers picture taken, and retrieve their belongings from gear check.

Tear-Down Crew (20-30)
July 20, 2019 — 9:00am — 1:00pm

When it is all said and done, and we have to say good-bye to our great event until next year, we need volunteers to help tear down the start/finish line area. Duties include taking down signs, moving stalls, cleaning trash from the surrounding area. Standing, bending, lifting 25-50 lbs, getting dirty are all required.

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Volunteer Guidelines

  • As a volunteer, you should treat runners, guests, participants, other volunteers with the utmost courtesy and respect.
  • As a volunteer, take pride in your role! Attire should include clean jeans (no holes), khaki/black pants, comfortable shoes
  • Be prepared to answer many types of questions. Familiarize yourself with the course map and schedule of events.
  • If it is the day of your scheduled shift and you find you cannot make it, please be considerate and contact Christina Reid (801-875-0554) so we can adjust our roster.
  • Our event will take place regardless of the weather. Please check the weather and dress accordingly.
  • You may not consume any alcoholic beverages or smoke during your volunteer shift
  • Children under the age of 10 may not participate as a solo volunteer (ie, an individual not signed up with a group of 10 or more), nor may they be with you during your volunteer shift. Children between the ages of 10-15 must be accompanied by an adult in a 1:6 ratio; Children between the ages of 16-18 must be accompanied by an adult in a 1:15 ratio.
  • Pets are not allowed with you during your volunteer shift
  • Depending on race needs, volunteer assignments may be reallocated — please be flexible